To:              All Ohio Daylily Society Members

From:           ODS Trustees

Subject:      Guest Plants

Date:           April 8, 2011


By receipt of this letter, the trustees of the Ohio Daylily Society would like to remind you of the ongoing responsibly regarding guest plant returns.


Each year we (ODS), as a non-for profit organization purchase guest plants to distribute to our club members in good standing. These plants are hosted in your garden for 2 yrs, then all increase with the exception of one fan, is returned to club auction. This auction enables the club to continue purchasing and funding the guest plant program.


The requirement of each club member, regarding the return of such guest plant, is to notify the named trustee who is responsible for the tracking process of said guest plants. 

Failure to notify named trustee of the status of named guest plant, within the time restrictions set forward, creates an unnecessary work load. Since we are a non for profit entity, we rely on club members to follow the below listed requirements:


  1. Notify named trustee (by specified due date) of status of guest plant (IE: dead / alive / did not multiply )
  2. Notify named trustee of return status by specified due date (IE: will return 4fans to the August meeting.
  3. Actually return the said guest plant as notified in #2 above.
  4. Early returns of guest plants permitted, ONLY if previous notification was sent to named trustee.
  5. If notification of status regarding guest plant is not received prior to due date, you will not be issued another guest plant UNTIL you return the previous year(s) guest plant.
  6. In the event named guest plant has been lost, due to circumstances within your control, you will be asked to purchase the guest plant. Fee for guest plant will be determined by club officers and you will receive notification of such fee.


As our club grows larger each year with new members, it is increasing more important to set guidelines to benefit all members.

Thank you for your ongoing support of Ohio Daylily Society.