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Kingwood Center
900 Park Ave. W.
Mansfield, Ohio

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At Kingwood Center July 2012



American Hemerocallis Society
Region 2

Show Results 2009

No 2010 show due to hosting
the regional summer meeting

Groom A Daylily For Show Exhibit 
Copyright Amber Strope


"Daylily Classics"

Best In Show

Best In Show
H' Tiki Torch

Molly Schwall

Division I

Sec.1 - Extra Large Flower        
H' Twilight Star
Amber Strope

Sec. 2 - Large Flower   
H' Opulent Edge
Ken Blanchard

Sec. 3 - Small Flower
H' Awaken With Kisses
Wendy Schwall

Sec. 4 - Miniature Flower
H' Jason Salter
Betty Packard

Sec. 5 - Double / Poly
H' Orange Delicious
Fran Houghtlen

Sec. 6 - Spider
H' Nona's Garnet Spider
Wendy Schwall

Sec. 7 - Unusual Form
H' Desert Icicle
Fran Houghtlen

Sec. 8 - Youth
H' Tiki Torch
Molly Schwall



Sec. 9 - Popularity
H' Heavenly Angel Ice
Betty Packard
Sec. 10 - Seedling
Ken Blanchard

Sweepstakes winner:  Betty Packard

Sweepstakes Runner-up:  Fran Houghtlen







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