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Kingwood Center
900 Park Ave. W.
Mansfield, Ohio

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American Hemerocallis Society
Region 2

Show Results 2018

No 2010 show due to hosting
the regional summer meeting

Groom A Daylily For Show Exhibit 
Copyright Amber Strope

The 2018 Ohio Daylily Show was held on July 15th at Kingwood Center Gardens.  What a great day!!!!
Winners of the scape show included: Ken & Cynthia Blanchard with 'Majestic Presence' and 'Custard Puff', Melinda Hoffman with 'Bull Nose Jackson', Dave Winters with 'Little Pink Cloud' and his unnamed seedling, Kit Walter with 'Jason Salter and 'White Eyes Pink Dragon', Fran Houghten with 'Strider Spider' (as well as sweepstakes winner!!!) and BEST of SHOW Derryll Keatting with 'Lemon Stawberry Twist'...…….
The popularity poll (voted on by attendees) included: 1st place…’Cliff Jumper’  from Dave Winter and a 2nd place tie ….. ‘Apache Sunrise’ from Christy Reidel and ‘Grandma’s Smile’ from Sara & Dave Martin.


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Daylily Show 2018




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